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Morecambe and Wize Sales LTD

Morecambe, United Kingdom

Terms & Conditions

Hire Period

The Hirer must collect and return the vehicle within the given hire period.
Early or late collection may be agreed at the latest 14 days in advance,
subject to other bookings.
Late return of the vehicle will incur a daily fee equivalent to a days hire. If the late return interferes with another booking further charges will be made to cover any losses.
Early return of the vehicle will not result in a refund for the remaining days of the hire period.
The vehicle is supplied to the Hirer with a full tank of fuel and it is the
responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the vehicle is returned with a full tank. If the vehicle is returned later than 15 minutes from the arranged return time, a £25.00 fee is charged to pay for emergency Insurance cover that would be required.

Hire includes Comprehensive insurance for the hire period only.
The insurance is pre-arranged per driver. One named driver (must be 25 years and over) is included in the cost of the hire – any other named drivers will incur an additional fee. If your licence has 1 or more endorsements there may be an additional insurance cost.
If you will be late returning, Morecambe and Wize must be notified
immediately, failure to notify may result in prosecution for driving whilst uninsured.
Insurance is for road liability and the van itself, and does not cover the contents or personal belongings.
Morecambe and Wize suggest the Hirer takes separate travel insurance to cover loss of belongings or personal injury of any kind.


Morecambe and Wize provide fully comprehensive AA cover in the unlikely event of an accident or breakdown. We will advise you of this procedure when you collect the vehicle. This includes Roadside repair, Hire Car if required, Overnight stay, or being driven to, or returned to any destination within the UK.

Whilst we make sure our vehicle is in full working order we cannot accept liability for consequential losses or claims arising from breakdown, accident or any other cause. Our vans are fully restored vehicles. They are serviced regularly. We do our utmost to ensure you have a trouble free journey.

If breakdown occurs, we will do our utmost to try and provide you with a replacement vehicle, subject to availability.

Deposits / Cancellations / Refunds

A security deposit will be taken and held for the duration of the hire period.

The deposit will be £500 and paid upon booking.

Security deposits will be returned in full provided the vehicle is returned clean and tidy with full inventory, without damage, on time and with a full tank of fuel.

Refunds will be made within 24 hours of the return of the vehicle following cleaning and full inspection.

Booking Cancellations are subject to a charge, or retaining of the full hire amount if cancelled within 28 days of the Hire commencing.

In the event of cancellation by Morecambe and Wize: - Morecambe and Wize will offer a full refund if the vehicle reserved is not available due to accident, breakdown or other circumstances beyond our control. In this event the Hirer shall have no further claim of any kind against the owners.

You are advised to take out holiday insurance to cover these eventualities.
Morecambe and Wize reserve the right to cancel the Hire in the event of invalid driving licence or if our Terms and Conditions are not met. The cost of the Hire will not be refunded in this instance.

No Refund will be given for early return of the vehicle.

Condition / Mileage

A visual check (inside and out) will be made with the Hirer at the time of collection as to the general condition of the vehicle.

A ‘Handover’ checklist will be completed. At this point the Hirer agrees that the vehicle is in good working order and is clean.

The Hirer must return the vehicle in the same condition otherwise damage charges will apply. A valeting charge of £40 will be made if the vehicle is not in a reasonably clean, well kept condition.

You are not permitted to smoke in the vehicle or inside any of the awnings provided by Morecambe and Wize.

It is the Hirer’s responsibility to exercise reasonable care of the vehicle during the hire period – this includes maintaining the correct tyre pressures and correct levels of engine oil – failure to do so may result in engine damage or accident.

The Hirer will be responsible for this type of regular maintenance and is responsible for any costs incurred by Morecambe and Wize as a result of neglect.Tyre damage of any kind is the Hirer’s responsibility.

Road Restrictions / Weather Conditions

The Vehicle may only be driven on sealed / bitumen roads.

Morecambe and Wize reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to restrict vehicle movements in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions or any other reasonable cause.

Morecambe and Wize cannot be held responsible for any early return or claim due to adverse weather conditions.

The Hirer is responsible for any damage to the vehicle or accessories due to adverse weather conditions especially where there is a ‘weather warning’ in place.

Accidents / Damage / Personal Loss

If the vehicle keys are lost or stolen, Morecambe and Wize will provide a replacement set at the Hirer’s expense.

In the event of an accident the Hirer must notify Morecambe and Wize immediately.

In the event of police involvement the Hirer is expected to provide full co-operation with any enquiries.

Any damage sustained to the interior or exterior of the vehicle or to any equipment supplied for hire will be at cost to the Hirer.

No claim by the Hirer will be considered in respect of any loss or damage to personal belongings of the Hirer or any person or persons in connection with the Hirer.

The Hirer

The Hirer will be responsible for driving infringements, fines and fixed penalty notices, relating to the vehicle supplied, during the hire period and any period of lateness thereafter.

All fines and costs will be passed on to the Hirer.

The Hirer shall not carry more passengers than the seating capacity of the vehicle, or allow it to be overloaded.

The Hirer shall not use the vehicle for carrying passengers or goods for hire or reward.

The Hirer shall not without written consent remove the vehicle from the mainland.

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