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Villa Arni

Andros, Greece


Andros Island consists an ideal destination for both summer vacation and relaxing weekend breaks. The capital of the island (Chora), and the neighbouring villages Stenies and Apikia, preserve the atmosphere of its maritime tradition that stems from both the innovative activity of Andros ship owners, and the zeal and enthousiasm shown by many generations of Andriots for the seamans trade. Walking by the narrow picturesque streets of the town, one can admire the architecture of the mansions of well known ship owners and captains. Andros offers unique pictures, not only on the coastline, but also in the mainland, with many springs and rich flora. Only recently the island became well known in Europe, for its amazing trekking routes. Every year more and more visitors join the well organised teams of expert guides to explore the island.
Villa Arni is located in Batsi, just a short distance away from the sea. The village is well known for its charming homes decorated with red tiles, cute shops and restaurants, and the beach, ideal for families and small children, easily accessible beach for families and kids.
The summer season is also ideal for encounters with the visual arts, since Andros island offers the opportunity to become familiar with the work of some of the most significant artists in the world. There are also excavations taking place over the island that reveal rich archaeological and byzantine findings, attract significant Greek and foreign visitors.

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