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barcelona, Spain

Terms & Conditions

Read before you make a reservation, there is important information about their rights and conditions.


a) Reservations are processed through online for 24 h., 365 days a year, seven days a week and can be booked up to a day in advance.

b) You can make reservations by phone for last minute transfers to the destination that the customer will always choose as we have available at the time and it is confirmed by LB Luxustranfer Barcelona.

c) The customer must accept our terms and conditions.


a) Cancelling will be emailed to with a minimum of 1 day in advance.

b) Cancellations made within 24 hours. They will not be refunded.

c) Cancellations that meet these terms will be paid entirely in the same form of payment that was made at the time of booking.


a) one bag for person with maximum measures 158cm and a handbag is allowed. They must be properly labeled with the name and address of the owner.

b) In the event that there are always additional luggage shall specify at the time of booking.

c) To transfer with extra services as bicycles and wheelchairs, they must always be folded to be specified at the time of booking and make sure you pick the right vehicle.

d) To transfer with extra services as bags skis, golf ... the amount will be specified at the time of booking and make sure you pick the right vehicle.

e) LB Luxustransfer Barcelona advised not to carry valuables, fragile or dangerous for their own safety.

f) LB Luxustransfer Barcelona not responsible for any loss or damage and will be solely at the risk of the client. We advise the customer to do a private contract insurance before departure.

g) During the booking process you must make it known to us if you are travelling with any domesticated animals. Pets are the sole responsibility of their owner and must, at all times, travel in an IATA approved crate. Transporting pets is subject to availability and approval of the Supplier and an additional charge will be applied. If we are not informed at the time of booking that you will be travelling with a pet or if the above requirements are not met, the Supplier reserves the right to refuse service and your transfer will be cancelled without refund.


.The Payment reservations will be provided in the PayPal system that lets you pay with your account or if you do not have one, you have the option to pay with credit or debit card in the same system PayPal.


a) The customer declares that he is an adult and is able to understand and accept the responsibilities here subscribed.

b) The service will be provided with data that has been provided on the reservation. The customer is obliged to check all data that is in the voucher in your confirmation email and if changes ,should be done by mail at least four hours in advance and send it to our email

c) The customer agrees to pay the transfer service through a PayPal account, credit or debit card is authorized to use and funds to cover the cost of the service.

d) The booking voucher is not considered a valid document for the visa. The customer must bear all the documentation in order and LB Luxustransfer Barcelona is not responsible.


a) LB Luxustransfer Barcelona provides a website in Spanish, English and Nederlands. We also can help you in Spanish and English for any question or doudt then you have.

b) LB Luxustransfer Barcelona pays great attention to the quality of the translation of its websites and Terms & Conditions. However, in the event of any discrepancy, the Spanish version shall prevail.


.LB Luxustransfer Barcelona is not responsible for forced situations as transport and traffic delays, accidents, police operations, protests and vandalism.

Smoking, alcoholic drinks and drogs, are not allowed in our vehicles.

.If the client can not be on the pick-up point within the timeout time indicated on your voucher, the supplier will try to contact you at the phone number you provided. If we can not talk to you because failure to provide a mobile phone number at the time of booking or bad connection, no signal, voice activated or the call is answered, the service will not be provided and your Suplier is not obliged to provide you with the service and a refund will not be made.

.Any unlawful use of the LB Luxustransfer Barcelona website for any purpose whatsoever is strictly prohibited under all circumstances.


.LB Luxustransfer Barcelona can may change or modify the terms and conditions on this website at any time by posting such changes in this section.

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