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The Bits and Bytes of Boat rentals – Understanding Online Bookings

Historically, it was easier to run a charter/boat rental company. The basics of the business were pretty well understood. You needed some boats to rent out, a place to keep them, insurance for your boats, you needed to ensure the renters (or at least have a waiver), and you needed to advertise – usually done via the telephone book, some signs, and very often via word of mouth.

When I grew up, we always went to one of either two spots for our vacation. As we loved being on the sea, we nearly always rented a boat for either an hour, a day or sometimes for several days. So how did we find the boat rental company?
Well, we usually went to the harbor/wharf/port and looked for the signs, sometimes we also looked in the telephone book, and other times, we went where someone told us to go.

The world today has changed a lot, due to the Internet.

Boom, the Internet arrives, and now when I need to rent a boat, where do I go? The Harbor? Of course not, I go online and search for the boat I want, and why not? I can see the pictures of the boats, I can read about the boat, I can read reviews about the rental company, and most importantly of all, I can book and confirm my boat rental directly over the internet. Tap Tap Tap, my keyboard makes me King!

The market is changing so much, that many boat rental companies now report that over 40% of their rentals are now made over the internet in some manner, either through email, booking “forms”, or full-fledged online booking systems that boat rental businesses can use.

So if it there wasn’t already enough for a boat rental business owner to do, you also now have to, have a website, handle bookings via a new channel, and make sure your business is still streamlined and profitable.

So what options are out there for the boat rental companies and what does a boat rental company need to be up-to-date, streamlined and profitable. So what solutions are there?
There are loads out there, and this article will look at WebReserv. WebReserv is an online booking system that has been used by many boat rental en boat tours companies over the last years. WebReserv provides a system that allows the business owner to receive and handle reservations 24/7.

I have listed what you should look for when you are looking for a solution and how WebReserv can provide a satisfactory answer to it.

I will go through each need and explain how WebReserv supports them all.

  1. Make sure the system handles your company size
    The WebReserv system was designed for small to medium sized companies. It also allows you in the standard Silver and Gold packages to handle up to 40 different “products”, which could actually be hundreds of boats. You may have 3 Bay-liners, and 4 Flat-bottoms. In the WebReserv system, this counts as only 2 products, with 3 and 4 Units respectively.

  2. Make sure the system can handle all types of bookings, both online and manual
    The WebReserv system has a very easy and simple to use booking interface for rental management – allowing you to handle any phone or walk-in bookings through the system as well.

  3. Make sure the system manages inventory (your boats)
    The WebReserv system all runs on one central database, which means that even if you use the booking calendar on several webpages at the same time, it will always be up to date

  4. Make sure the system can handle online payments
    WebReserv can be configured to handle payments via Cash/Check, PayPal and Credit card.

  5. Make sure the system provides you useful information
    WebReserv provides a bunch of reports so you can extract all the information about reservations, clients, revenue, sales, etc.

  6. Make sure the booking calendar can be embedded into your website
    WebReserv allows you to embed the booking calendar directly into his webpage. Also it is possible to customize it so it fits perfectly into your website (colors, layout, etc.)

  7. Make sure the system keeps you and your clients informed
    The WebReserv system sends a notification when a new booking is made. It also sends out pending, confirmed and cancelled emails at a click of the mouse to the client – NOTE: These can even be customized to exactly what you want.

  8. Make sure you can handle it
    The WebReserv system has been designed to be easy to setup and easy to use (no IT background required). Also the WebReserv team can give adequate support and professional setup if necessary.

  9. Make sure it is flexible
    The WebReserv system is extremely flexible, as it can be used to not only handle boat rentals, but also basically everything under the sun – you can easily configure it to your even most complex pricing and rates.

  10. Make sure it is cost effective
    The WebReserv system costs between 20€ and 40€ per month and it is commission free.

There are many booking systems out there – but only WebReserv seems to have prioritized the flexibility aspect to ensure their system works how you want it to work, ergo, not forcing your round business into a square hole.

About WebReserv
WebReserv offers the most flexible and easy-to-use cloud-based booking system available today. If you would like more information about WebReserv, please go to for Europe. In US, please go to

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