Automatic Confirmation

With WebReserv it is easy to control if and how bookings should be set to pending or confirmed, based on certain criteria.

When the confirm criteria is met, the booking is automatically confirmed. All other reservations with be marked as pending, leaving you in control to confirm or reject the booking.

Availability check

This feature checks the availability before confirming the reservation. If there is no availability the reservation will be set to pending.

Deposit check

With deposit check, the reservation engine will check that a creditcard has been entered before confirming the reservation. If no creditcard is provided, the reservation will be set to pending.

Cut-Off Time

With the cut-off time field, you can control how long in advance a reservation has to made to be automatically confirmed.

Changing confirmed status

The reservation screen gives you an instant view of pending and confirmed reservations. You can change a reservation from pending to confirmed or rejected with a click of a button, and the customer is immediately notified with a new email indicating the new status.

Customizable rules makes configuration easy

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