Payment Processing

Imagine having a system that automatically process credit card payments when a reservation is made. There is no need to spend precious time calling the customer to ask for credit card information and there is no need to manually process credit card payments. can do all that - and much more. First and foremost there is the automated credit card processing feature. Whenever a new reservation is made, can automatically process the credit card as part of the reservation. If the credit card is not valid, or the transaction cannot be completed for any other reason, the reservation is refused.

Seamless payment processing with

Virtually all common credit cards can be accepted, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and so forth. You can decide which cards you will accept and which ones you don't want to accept.

ePay Virtual Terminal

In addition to the automated processing during the reservation process, you can use the ePay Virtual Terminal to process additional credit card transactions, such as payment for additional items or services. The virtual terminal can also be used to process manual payments (cash and check) and refunds.

ePay Virtual Terminal

Transaction History automatically groups all payments and refunds related to the same reservation code, so it's easy to keep track of payment activities related to the same customer and reservation. You can see the transactions in the integrated transaction history.

ePay Transaction History shows all payments by reservation or customer

PayPal payments

Use your PayPal account to receive payments for bookings. PayPal provides a cost-effective alternative to automated credit card processing. It's easy to set up and use, and there is no need for a separate merchant account.

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