Flexible Rate Calculation

The Price/Rate Calculation module allows you to specify how the reservation system should calculate the total amount. The total amount is shown to the customer before the reservation is made.


  • Same price for all persons
  • One price regardless of number of persons
  • Gradual rate (changes with the number of persons)


  • Price is for one visit/rental, regardless of duration
  • Price is for one day/per day
  • Price is for one hour/per hour
  • Price is for one unit of time, for example 15 minutes

Deposit Rules

  • No deposit
  • Full deposit required
  • Deposit required for first day
  • Deposit required for first hour
  • Deposit is as fixed amount
  • Deposit is a percentage of the reservation total

Adult/Child Rates

You can specify different rates for adults and children.

Tax Calculation

Tax can automatically be added to the total amount.

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