When you are signed up with, with either a Silver or Gold account, web users will be able to make reservations directly via the internet, not only on your own website via the Reservation widget (On your website), but also directly through

Every day, web users access, looking to reserve a Hotel, Car, Bed and Breakfast, Spas or any other service that can be reserved. See our list of businesses and categories that we support.

Once you are registered with, web users will be able to not only find your website as they do today via search engines and websites where you advertise, but they will also be able to find your business listing on the large search engines such as Google due to our Search Engine Inclusion.

When a web user accesses your business listing via, either by a Google link (or other such search engine), one of our Featured Listings links, or from one of our Simple, Advanced or Category search results; they will immediately be able to see the Services/Products you offer and pricing.

Your business listed on

Note: Unlike our competitors, does NOT take any commission of your Booking, only a flat rate fee for all the services we offer.

From your business listing, web users can click on the Product (E.g. Hotel Room). They are then presented with the Product page and can read even more information regarding this product. You can even add pictures for your specific products.

Rates overview

Once a web user clicks either the Book button on your Business Listing page or the Click here to get quote or book online link, they are presented with the Reservation page for your product. On this page, the web user can see availability and book the rental period.

Availability Calendar

After having chosen reservation details, the web user clicks the Continue button, and is presented with pricing for the Product/Rental.

Rate details

The web user is then asked for the rest of the booking details such as name, address, credit card details and any other Custom Fields you may have added to your booking process.

Customer details

Once these details have been entered, the system displays a confirmation page for the web user, where they must accept your terms and conditions that you have registered in the system.

The customer reviews the reservation and books it

When the web user presses the final Book button, they are presented with a page that provides them with the reservation confirmation code.

Booking complete!

The final part of the process is a confirmation email that is sent to the web user who made the booking.

Note 1: An email is also sent to you stating that a reservation has been made.

Note 2: You control whether the system automatically confirms the reservation - or whether it is set as pending until you confirm through the system.

Booking complete!

This presents how reservations are made through the website by web users.

The booking calendar that can be placed on your own website provides the exact same functionality. See Booking calendar (On your website) for more details.

If you need more information - then please, feel free to contact us

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